International Business: Choosing the Right Industry

As the United States and Europe advance technologically, they bring a trickle-down effect of their  innovation to Latin American countries who are catching up to par with developed nations. One of the fascinating things to observe about Latin America is that they experienced (or skipped) their industrialization phase much faster than the US and Europe did during their industrial revolutions that have allowed for slow technological  progress. For many Latam Nations, they were given technologically advanced commodities while  their infrastructure is still underdeveloped,  leading to a jumble of different stages of economic development. This is why you can go to Latin America and get high-speed internet and 4G service almost everywhere, but your running water may be shut off for extended periods of time. However, one of the benefits of this development is the rise of the tech and finance industries in Latin America. Choosing the right industry in Latin America is important because their markets can be very volatile at times and you don’t want to join an oil venture at the wrong time.
Personally, I think the Tech Industry in Latin America is developing rapidly, playing catch up with the Americans while adding their own innovations to this industry. As a business person, entering this market either as an entrepreneur or as an associate is probably the safest and most stable route, as the tech market continues to expand worldwide and shows no signs of slowing down. This is the next step in post-industry development and its worth getting on board now and taking part in this stage of advancement.


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